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Learn more about Legal Design

Legal design is an approach that combines design methods with legal expertise to make legal information, processes, and documents more understandable, user-friendly, and effective. It aims to bridge the gap between complex legal content and the general public or specific target audiences who may not have legal training.

At Vitta, we improve legal documents for clearer, sharper and safer communication. With an experienced team of designers and legal experts, we simplify complex documents, making them visual and easy to comprehend. From simplifying contracts to creating readable corporate compliance manuals, our approach puts the user first. We work with clients to enhance legal argumentation, reduce procedural losses, and make the law clearer.

Simplifying language, utilizing visual elements, and user-centered design, this is crucial for its effective application.

Legal Design helps bridge the gap between complex legal information and the general public, making legal processes and documents more accessible and understandable.

Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, and interactive web applications like Figma are very commom. At Vitta, we deliver all projects in editable formats like Microsoft Word.